WIZ-C Professional MX - ANSI PIC C Compiler is here !

WIZ-C Professional  MX is now available, it builds on previous versions of WIZ-C and significantly improves usability, speed and consistency. The key improvement is total integration of the PIC’s internal hardware debugging circuitry into WIZ-C MX.

Among other improvements are :

    • Full integration of PIC-KEY MX hardware debugging
    • Now fully includes USB library
    • Useability enhancements across the system to speed operation and consistency, and ease of use.
    • Better archiving facility to view and extract individual files
    • Support for new devices across the range.
    • Better screen layout / auto-sizing
    • Better integration with programmer application
    • Considerable improvements to STI injection files
    • Various bug fixes

To see prices of, or to order, WIZ-C Professional version MX click here.

To upgrade to WIZ-C MX from WIZ-C costs 20.00 (~$32). Order WIZ-C upgrades from here.

To upgrade PIC Key 2 to PIC Key mx (which is like PIC Key MX without the 3.3V power capability) costs 5.00 (~$8). Order from here.

To Purchase PIC Key MX with the WIZ-C MX upgrade from version 17 costs 20.00 ($32.00). Order from here.