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The FED Battery Life measurement system confirms battery life of rechargeable or single use cells and batteries from 1.2V to 20V. The system has an internal load for use with lower capacity cells, or will automatically connect an external load for currents up to 5A. It can also characterise battery charging. When measuring battery life it will automatically disconnect the load when the battery voltage drops below a defined level to avoid damage by deep discharge.

GraphIt is also a data logger capturing voltage and current.

With the PC application it can graphically display the battery or system characteristics which can be displayed or saved as a CSV file for analysis in spreadsheet or other programs. The system installs as a standard serial port and therefore can be used as a voltage/current logger for any application which can read the port.

It connects to a USB port on a PC, or allows standalone use to display voltage, current, and measure battery life when no PC is present.

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Support :

Download Software : Logger.zip

Download manual : Logger.pdf