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USB In Circuit PIC Programmer with Integrated In Circuit Debugging (ICD)

Version MX now available - cheaper and more capable

Our in-circuit programmer for PIC's operates on the PC USB port, requires no additional power supply and
the programmer application runs under Windows versions 7 to 10. Operates on a simple 6 pin SIL
connector and includes the In Circuit Debugger. Supplied with a mini-USB socket.


PIC Key MX - Connect on mini USB


As an in circuit programmer the PIC KEY MX will handle serially programmed mid range PICmicro® MCU devices. Will program (among others): PIC 12C/Fxx, PIC10Fxx, PIC 16C/Fxx, PIC 16Fxx, PIC 18Fxxx and upgradeable to newer devices as they become available.

For full details of In Circuit Debugging support see our ICD pages. The PIC Key MX can also power the circuit for programming purposes at 5V or 3.3V at up to 400mA (dependant on the USB port capacity).

KeyZIF MedYou can also purchase a ZIF socket adaptor so that the PIC Key can be used as a standalone programmer, in this device you can program 8, 14, 18, 20, 28 and 40 pin devices in a standard multi-width ZIF socket.


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Key shown connected to a development board

Pin Out :

    6 pins on a 0.1" pitch

  1. MCLR
  2. Vdd (5V)
  3. Gnd
  4. Program Data (PGD - often RB7)
  5. Program Clock (PGC - often RB6)
  6. Vdd (3.3V)

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